Having worked in the shaving industry for over a decade and having shaved my own face almost 11,000 times in my life so far, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that shaving presents two major problems:

1) The way your skin feels after using conventional creams and foams. 
2) The way your wallet feels after purchasing razors.

In 2008, I found a solution to problem #1 when I launched OSCAR Natural; a range of natural, Australian-made shaving products. Since then, I’ve been selling OSCAR Natural in Australia and overseas and have received fantastic feedback from men and women the world over.

Determined to tackle problem #2, I sought to find out how to provide high-quality razors at a fraction of the cost with the convenience of home delivery. In 2013, I visited a factory in Germany that has been manufacturing premium razors since 1920. I was amazed by the quality of the razor and the closeness of the shave and knew other Australians would be too. After 12 months of development, we launched Oscar Razor.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

All the best,
Oscar de Vries