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Why we do what we do

What's in it and...what's not

Every Shave Makes a Difference

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No gimmicks. Just a great shave. Every time.

Sick of spending an arm and a leg on your face?

If you're still buying razors at the supermarket, you're probably paying too much.

By switching to OSCAR you could cut your shaving costs by up to 40%.

Any colour you like. As long as it's black.

In the spirit of Henry Ford, our razor handle is only available in matte-black.

It doesn't just look great. The rubber grip makes it comfortable to use, even in the shower.

Pay less. Get more.

Five evenly-spaced, ceramic-coated blades to ensure a close, smooth shave. 

The precision trimmer on the back allows you to tackle the hard-to-reach spots. Like right under your nose. 

Natural. Nice.

Some of the chemicals in conventional shaving foams and creams can leave your skin feeling irritated and raw.

Our natural formulations use pure plant oils – leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch.

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