New Razor

New Razor

Anatomy of our new razor

You asked, we listened. We've released a new and improved OSCAR RAZOR which addresses our most common customer requests and complaints:

  • Precision Trimmer

    Over the last few years, the most popular request has been for the inclusion of a trimmer blade, to make it easier to tackle those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose. Now, in addition to 5-blades, we have a precision trimmer.

  • Improved Mechanism

    The cartridge attachment mechanism of our original razor was quite different to that of the mainstream brands, making it tricky for first-time users. 

    The new mechanism is more conventional, for intuitive attachment and removal. Being a ‘clamshell pivot’ it also allows for greater flexibility and decreased fragility. Win-win!

  • Weightier Handle

    Whilst we loved the look and feel of our handle, many customers felt it was too lightweight. In response, our new razor feels sturdier and has improved grip for those who prefer to shave in the shower. We've even added our logo!

  • Even Better Blades

    Another thing customers mentioned a lot was that the blades were closer together than the razors they were used to.

    We have increased the blade spacing slightly, to reduce clogging. We’ve also given the blades a ceramic coating for greater rust resistance. You’ll never look back!